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Manufacturing process of fruit pulps in factories

Fruit juice is made from squeezing fruits or vegetables or soaking them without the use of heat or solvents. Fruit juices on the market usually do not include fiber or pulp . But sometimes fresh orange juice comes with a scoop. To produce fruit juice, nectar, and fruit syrup, we first convert the fruit into concentrate and then extract the product from the concentrate. The reason for converting fruit juice into concentrate and re-converting it into fruit juice that is available to the consumer is the ease of keeping the concentrate due to its lower volume than the fruit juice. To find out what is fruit pulp, get information about the manufacturers and prices of this product, follow us on the below article….

Manufacturing process of fruit pulps in factories

What is fruit pulp used for?

What is fruit pulp used for?Juice is often used to maintain health. For example, orange juice contains vitamin C or plum juice helps digestion. Juice consumption has recently increased in many countries Because fruit juice is a natural source of health improvement.

Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, fiber, minerals such as zinc, selenium, a variety of vitamins B4, B6, C, E, A, and beta-carotene and are water that are essential for body growth, stress, it is good for Prevention of cancers, constipation, cholesterol lowering and cardiovascular diseases are essential and are very beneficial for health.

Juices can be made in both natural and industrial ways. If needed, especially for children, it is advisable to consume fresh and natural fruit juice. Because fresh homemade fruit juice has other properties other than fiber and In terms of nutritional characteristics, priority is given to industrial juices. At present, industrial fruit drinks are packaged in glass, metal, polymer, cardboard and laminated aluminum bottles in various flavors and names on the market.

Where does pulp come from?

Where does pulp come from?In the extraction of fruit pulp process, the water in the fruit juice is reduced to increase its concentration and can be stored longer. Juices may be pre-concentrated and diluted with potable water. In this article we describe the process of concentrate production from oranges and citrus fruits, due to the acidity of citrus concentrate production method slightly different from other fruits.

After transporting raw materials (cherries, apples, grapes, pomegranates and oranges) to the plant and transporting them by water pressure into special canals and primary washing, onto special conveyor, detachable inks and then appropriate fruits to crush and From there, after preliminary heating, they enter the press to separate the juice.

After pasteurization and cooling, the juice is transferred to the juice reservoirs and cooled after special steps and passed through special filters, then transferred to vacuum condensing apparatus and then the concentrated fruit juice. Becomes like honey called concentrate.

Steps of fruit pulping process:

  • Buy quality fruit
  • Healthy washing of fruits
  • Principal dehydration of all kinds of fruits
  • Step filtration
  • Condensation of fruit juice
  • Move to tanks or barrels
  • Save to Warehouse

It is worth mentioning that every step must be done carefully to obtain a high quality fruit concentrate.

Simple tips to pay attention while buying fruit pulps

Simple tips to pay attention while buying fruit pulps Tips to keep in mind when buying a variety of fruit juice:

  • Sparkling Juices:

These juices are actually carbonated beverages, and drinks that are generally artificially carbonated are not considered good drinks in terms of nutrition. These juices can interfere with the absorption of certain minerals such as calcium and can eventually cause gastrointestinal damage.

  • Juice preserving rumor:

Preserving juice is not a rumor! Juices generally have an acidic composition and therefore deteriorate later. The more acidic your food, such as juices and pickles, the later it will be attacked by molds and bacteria.

  • Pulp Juice:

Having a pulp doesn’t always mean the superiority of the juice. It is important to consider the conditions in which the fruit slices in these juices are stored and what the juices are. It may be a fruit syrup containing pulp that is only 1 to 2 percent natural juice. Although adding pulp increases fiber, the properties of this juice will never be the same as natural juice. Therefore, the sum of the juice and pulp should be considered together. Of course, if the natural juice is mixed with pulp or fruit slices, it will have more properties than a regular pulp syrup.

  • Buy from famous brands:

If the factories fail to comply with the quality of the product, the ingredients in the envelope will be completely changed and can have serious health risks. Famous brands because of their high volume of market and customer, they are more careful about the quality of their product, so more information can be trusted on the packaging.

High quality fruit pulps with affordable prices

High quality fruit pulps with affordable prices The fruit concentrate is high purity and is obtained from the juice extraction, which eventually becomes an extract or powder. Therefore, the volume of the fruit decreases but it is easier to transport. Therefore, the price of different types of fruit concentrates is usually variable.

Price is calculated according to the purity of the concentrate as well as its quality. Of course, the price of the concentrate also varies with the different types of fruit, which is determined by the price of the fruit and the amount of concentrate it gives.

Essential oils or extracts, known as concentrates, should be purchased from reputable establishments to ensure their purity and health. This site offers a variety of fruit concentrates online with quality assurance. The prices of fruit concentrates on the internet are very affordable and affordable.

How can you tell freshness of fruit pulps?

How can you tell freshness of fruit pulps?recently Juices have entered the market with the word “no additives” on their packaging. Are there really any special additives to these products? There are one or two large factories producing industrial juices in Iran whose products are better and more popular in terms of quality and flavor. These factories usually do not give their own additives special juice, and if you see the phrase “no additives” on their juices envelope, you have to trust it and be sure that such a claim is not unattended by the organizations involved. Large and reputable juices factories in Iran supply high volume of natural, healthy and standard juices throughout the year and provide the customer with the best flavor.

Most of the juices on the market with unmarked labels are formulated, especially those packaged in aluminum foil instead of paper bags. That is, high volumes of them are water, sugar, citric acid, vitamins such as vitamin C, preservatives and authorized dyes. Even some of these juices are made from color, essence, water and sugar and have no benefit to the body, their long-term consumption will be harmful to the consumer.

What qualities should a healthy and fresh industrial juice have? Sufficiently concentrated, and when you open the package, you will feel the color, the aroma and taste of home-made juices. Concentration of juice can indicate high level of fruit concentrate in it. Non-standard and inappropriate juices are very dilute and do not smell the desired fruit. These juices are more like colored water and sugar and do not have the properties of a serving of natural juices.

 Nutritional intake of pulp juices is better than other juices because fiber pulp is high in fiber and is very useful and effective for the body to prevent hypertension, cardiovascular disease and all types of cancers, but a good juice Healthy, natural, does not necessarily have to be pulp, as there are already natural, non-pulp juices on the market that have all the characteristics of a nutritious juice.

Is it good to buy frozen fruit pulps?

Is it good to buy frozen fruit pulps?The difference between clear and frozen juices is the pressing process and the clearing process. After clarification, fruit juice is usually concentrated. When diluting the concentrate, depending on the amount of water added, fruit juice, nectar or syrup can be obtained. In the case of nectar and fruit syrup, most of the sugar and edible acids are added. Transparent juice is mostly concentrated and stored. As such, it is both resistant to microbiological corruption and chemical changes and its volume is reduced. Condensed fruit juice is later used in the preparation of fruit juice.

Here are three ways of concentrating:

  • Condensation by thermal method
  • Condensation by freezing
  • Concentrate by reverse osmosis

In frozen fruit pulp, the fruit juice is frozen first and a certain portion of the water contained in it freezes depending on the freezing temperature. The ice crystals are then separated by a separator and the amount of dry matter in the frozen portion increases.

Are frozen fruit pulps more cheaper?

Are frozen fruit pulps more cheaper?Frozen and non-frozen juices are similar in nutrition, but there are some important differences. Juice is one of the most popular drinks in the world and a constant pillar in many people’s breakfast meals. Advertisements and marketing slogans introduce juice as a natural and healthy drink. However, some health scientists and experts are concerned about the damage to human health from this sweet drink.

Most commercial juices are not only made from fresh, natural juice and are produced in a multi-step, controlled process. After going through this process, the juice can be stored in large containers for up to one year before final packaging. First, the fruits are washed and pressed by a machine. The pulp and oils are separated from the fruit. The juice is heated to pasteurize and inactivate its enzymes and destroy the germs that can otherwise degrade or spoil the orange juice.

Next, take some of the oxygen in the juice that helps reduce oxidative damage to vitamin C during the storage process. The juice that needs to be stored in a frozen concentrate is evaporated to remove most of the water. So because more processing is done on the juice The price of frozen concentrate is higher. Unfortunately, during these processes the compounds that give off the fragrance of the fruit are also destroyed. Some of them are later added to the finished product. Finally, prior to packaging, juices may be mixed at different times to minimize variations in quality. Pulp, which has undergone further processing after fruit extraction, is also added to some types of orange juice.

Fruit Pulp Processing Plants Manufacturer

Fruit Pulp Processing Plants Manufacturer In our dear country of Iran, there are the best juices produced in the country and marketed. Juices have different brands and models available in different markets, each of which has a great variety to choose from, depending on your personal preference.

Fruit puree is used as a flavoring agent in juices and flavored milk. In order to process high quality puree, the fruit must be ripe and fresh, and the raw material for processing the puree is only fruit and any other ingredients are prohibited.

Difference of fruit pulp vs puree:

  •  The puree has a higher viscosity.
  •  The amount of pectin and soluble solids in the puree is higher than the concentrate.
  • Fruit meat is somewhat more noticeable in the puree than in the concentrate.
  • Nymph evaporation is more difficult because of higher viscosity than concentrate
  • The puree pulp contains only the skin, the seed, the nucleus and the tail of the fruit, while for the transparent concentrate it contains starch, pectin, the nucleus, the tail, the fruit, the skin, and the seed.

Buy frozen fruit pulp at cheap price for trade

Buy frozen fruit pulp at cheap price for trade Price of premium and high quality fruit concentrates are offered by price list of fruits with pulp. The fruit concentrate has attracted many fans because of its advantages over juice. One of the most important features of the fruit concentrate is its low volume and high concentration, which is easier to hold than the juice.

Nowadays, different types of fruits are used to make concentrates and this has led to a variety of juices. Fruit concentrate is better quality and shelf life if it is made from high quality fresh fruit. In fact, the concentrate is produced through a process that has continuous steps. Fruit concentrate is available in Iran and imported varieties at different prices. The price of fruit concentrate in Iran corresponds to the world price of all kinds of fruit concentrate. Concentrate is sold in spastic packaging and is also attractive for export.

Costs of orange pulps for traders 2019

Costs of orange pulps for traders 2019The price of a variety of fruit concentrates will depend on the quality, which is a standard price. There are no natural juices in the market today, so juices are made from fruit concentrates. It should be noted, however, that fruit concentrates are used in other food industries such as beverages, flavoring essences, etc. Therefore, the production of fruit concentrate is very important.

To inquire about the day price of concentrate and fruit puree products, just inquire directly with the marketing manager. Final pricing is determined by factory approvals and meetings. Since concentrate production requires sufficient turnover in this area, the pricing criterion for respectable customer acquisition is the anticipation of buying fresh fruit next season.

Some countries are known for producing some fruits due to their specific climate and climate. Therefore, concentrate those fruits to facilitate its transportation and export. The quality of some imported concentrates is very high because they use the latest fruit concentrate equipment. Prices of concentrated fruit varieties vary depending on the concentration and type of fruit.

During the condensation and concentrate production process, the fruit volume is reduced to approximately one-sixth or one-seventh. Therefore, the fruit pulp price is determined by the amount of concentrate and extract that it ultimately yields. This is because high volumes of some fruits form water and it is natural that their volume decreases greatly after evaporation.

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