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Pear and Peach Juice Concentrate Price for Traders

The pear and peach  juice concentrate price for traders is through an online listing. Distributors can also operate in the field. These days, as factories face tough export conditions, companies like Pars Faravar can distribute this product to the major buyers through the juice concentrate wholesale and cost effective distribution of its products through the internet sites until it wants to export to other countries and in addition to selling the quality product. It also brings customer satisfaction. Pear and Peach Juice Concentrate Price for Traders

What does it mean when a juice is from concentrate?

What does it mean when a juice is from concentrate?Concentrate is one of the nutrients of livestock and poultry. Concentrate means dense and has a rich content of several valuable nutrients. Animal concentrates contain significant amounts of nutrients needed for animal nutrition and are used for fattening. Livestock concentrates contain large amounts of protein and fiber, which is essential for livestock to feed.

Like other cattle, sheep need foods such as barley, beet pulp, rapeseed meal, wheat bran, corn meal, soybean meal, alfalfa.

Nutrients in concentrate

 Proteins: Proteins are essential for the growth of the animal because they require protein intake during lamb breeding, and the growth of their muscles and bones. Plants like soy and sesame have high amounts of protein.
    Minerals: Minerals also play a major role in the growth of cattle, including calcium, phosphorus, zinc, etc., which have a positive effect on the quality of meat and milk of animals.
    Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are energy items used for various physical activities. Carbohydrates are animal nutrients that are needed to produce meat, milk, and movement.
    Vitamin A deficiency of some vitamins such as vitamins E and A has a direct effect on the body of the animal, deficiency of these vitamins can cause paralysis or blindness of the animal. It is used in animal concentrates.
    Fat: Most of the nutrients needed for animal growth must contain the amounts of fat and vitamins K, A, D and E.

The process of fruit concentrate production involves general steps:

    Buy fruit
    Filtering (at least in two steps)
    Condensation or baking
    Storing concentrate in large containers

Sterilization is also done on a variety of concentrates that are packaged in a spatially.


Transparent juice is mostly concentrated and stored. As a result, it is both resistant to microbiological and chemical change and its volume decreases. Concentrated fruit juice is later used in the preparation of fruit juice.

There are three ways of concentrating in this regard:

Concentration by thermal method

Concentrate by freezing

Concentrate by reverse osmosis

The most common of these are evaporation or, in other words, thermal condensation. In condensation by freezing, the fruit juice is frozen first and a certain portion of the water contained in it freezes depending on the freezing temperature. The ice crystals are then separated by a separator and the amount of dry matter in the frozen portion increases. Apple juice is frozen at -5 ° C to -5 ° C when it contains 2% of dry matter, its water is separated into ice crystals by 0.5% and the amount of dry matter reaches approximately 1%. Although in this method the amount of energy required to freeze each unit of water (1 kcal of frozen

One kilogram of water) is lower than the heating method (approximately 3% of three-stage evaporators), but due to the high form of energy and the high cost of installations, the system is 7 to 7 times more powerful than the heating system depending on capacity. It is more expensive. For this reason, freezing concentrates only in the case of orange juice that is sensitive to heat. In this case, the amount of final dry matter depends on the viscosity, which is about 40-50% for fruit juice.

Reverse osmosis is the passing of the juice through the tiny holes of a selective membrane. The amount of pressure used must be greater than the system’s osmotic pressure. The membrane, water, and a small number of compounds with small molecules can pass through. Due to the membrane permeability and pressure relationship, it can be economically maximum up to 2% by using this system.

Thermal condensation is carried out in a device called an evaporator and the water is separated by evaporation.

There are several types of evaporators (condensate, plate, lath and centrifuge) for condensation. The dry matter content of fruit juice in this method is up to 72-70%.

How to identify purity of peach concentrate?

Each fruit juice concentrate has a certain purity. In some countries, fruit juice concentrates are 100 percent pure. Of course, in most places fruit juices are not natural. Brewing factories produce essential oils or extracts from the fruit and mix them with sugar and water, and compress and concentrate them to produce a variety of fruit juice concentrates. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and has a high nutritional value. Most people try to drink a glass of fresh fruit juice at breakfast, to provide their vitamins throughout the day.

Juice can be concentrated or concentrated. Concentrate is a form of material that most of its major constituents or solvents have eliminated. Concentrates are usually formed by taking the water in a solution or suspension, such as taking the juice in the juice and turning it into a powder or extract.
The benefit of concentrate production is that by eliminating water, the weight of the nutrient is reduced and therefore easier to transport and at a lower cost, plus the concentrate is easily added to the solvent when added to the solvent. Return and consume.

Peach concentrate is a blend made with real peach puree that reminds us of that first bite into a perfectly ripe peach. Always Delicious. Experience the taste and convenience of peach Organic line of beverages. From fresh fruit juices and Organic coconut waters and teas, peach Organic works for Organic growers who farm beautiful valleys abundant with orchards.

Today with over one hundred and fifty Organic farms, peach’s goal is to bring fresh fruit juices, refreshing peach waters and delicious teas straight to you. All of Purity Organics beverages maintain the same focus on great-taste and a commitment to farming. We support Organic growing practices by pledging to source only certified Organic ingredients for our beverages. Our ingredients are the source of our great tasting juices, teas, and peach waters. Just open a bottle and taste for yourself.

How long can juice concentrate last?

How long can juice concentrate last?Maintenance of fruit juice concentrate with brixes of more or less depends on the type of consumption and application of fruit concentrate in terms of color and aroma in the product concerned. Concentrates of fruit will gradually evolve over time at temperatures above 2 degrees Celsius with a brownish and raisin flavor.

For example, apple concentrate used for drinks and fruit jellies should be light yellow and golden rather than amber. Therefore, for this type of concentrate products, it should be kept at temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius (fruit juice concentrate production). On the other hand, for products that are dark in color or from other materials in the product, strict control conditions are not required to maintain and transport it.

 This is true for spicy concentrates and is not applicable for non-spicy packaging. If the spicy bag of fruit concentrate is opened and some of it is consumed, the remainder of the fruit concentrate should be stored in smaller gallons and stored at -5 ° C.

How to store peach juice concentrate for long time?

Peaches are good summer fruit that usually go very fast. For this reason, it can often be used for a short time in the summer. Unfortunately, peach is not a fruit that is available all summer. Long-term maintenance is also nearly impossible because it quickly breaks down. For this reason, those who often have a peach garden or who like to keep the fruit or concentrate for a longer time and want to keep it fresh longer.

– Buy peach concentrate for long storage at the peak of the peach season.

Concentrate is a form of matter that most of its major constituents have eliminated.Usually by taking the water in a solution or suspension, for example by taking the juice in the juice andTurning it into powder or extract, concentrate is formed. The benefit of concentrate production is that by eliminating waterThe weight of the nutrient is reduced so it is easier to carry and less expensive.

In addition, concentrate easily when used by adding solution to the initial state They come back and consume. In this way the fruits are actually made from the essence or extract of the fruitMixing this essence with sugar and water produces a variety of juices.

The drying and powdering method in the food industry is one of the best and oldest methods of food preservation.In this method, the cost of operation is lower than other methods and after the operation, the maintenance of products without refrigeration facilities is required.

And there is no refrigerator etc and the products can be stored in the proper warehouse. Another priority is the method of drying and powdering fruits. Compared to other methods, the volume and weight of the products is drastically reduced, in terms of transportation and transportation and in terms of volume.Warehouses are very affordable. Peach fruit concentrate is one of the best and most popular juice concentrates products on the market for sale. It is much higher than other flavors and extracts by factories.

Best prices of peach juice concentrate in 2019

Best prices of peach juice concentrate in 2019

wholesale of juice concentrate are offered for sale by suppliers on our website, of which fruit & vegetable juice accounts for 54%, flavour & fragrance accounts for 10%, and fruit extract accounts for 3%.

A wide variety of peach juice concentrate options are available to you, such as box, bottle, and barrel. You can also choose from aloe, apple, and berries peach juice concentrate, as well as from concentrate, instant powder, and peach puree concentrate, and whether peach juice concentrate is food, or beverage.

There are 830 suppliers who sells peach juice concentrate on our website, mainly located in Asia. The top countries also lemon concentrate suppliers to Spain, China and Iran, of which peach juice concentrate is 1%, 63% and 4%, respectively.

How to choose high-quality peach juice concentrates?

The concentrate process is that they first convert the fruit into pure fruit juice and concentrate a certain amount of that juice.To process peach concentrate, juice must first be prepared. First, by removing all the solid parts of the fruit, such as the shell, the nucleus, the fruit is transformed into a pure liquid and a single juice.So first we need to have a high quality juice that depends on the amount of sugar in the product.

According to the amount of sugar in the fruit juice can be classified:

Juice with the power of one

Double strength juice (twice as much sugar as fruit)

Type one fruit juice does not have much storage time and cannot be stored at normal temperature. So, by taking some of the available water, they turn it into juice with the power of peach concentrates is than fruit due to the processing of non-marketable raw materials (fruits that have changed their appearance due to impact).

The coefficient of production determines how much fruit we need to produce a kilo of peach concentrate.Of course, the characteristic fruit alone is not enough and depends on the amount of fruit sugar and soluble solids in the so-called brix, and the higher the brix, the less fruit we need.

Juice Concentrate From Fruit for Sale

Juice Concentrate From Fruit for Sale Fruit concentrate is the result of fruit purchase and washing, dehydration and filtration (at least in two steps), concentrating or baking the juice and storing it in large containers. For example, apple fruit after filtration enters the filtration stage. These filters are generally either vacuum or ceramic.

When it enters the condensing tower, all the water (H2O), along with its essential oils and vitamins, is stored at a temperature of 2 m. Lose a centigrade to reduce its volume to six to one seventh. The material that comes from the bottom of the tower is called a concentrate.

The concentrate is either stored in tanks or barrels and  to produce what is called juice! Add and pack six times the amount of water, aroma, odor and essential oils and vitamins lost. For this reason, orange juice is on the market in summer, the date of its production has nothing to do with the date of harvest, or in the spring of apple juice, which has nothing to do with the apple harvest season.

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